About Quizpot

Wanna be a GK Master ?
Love answering questions ?
Love playing ?
Enjoy this new experience of playing trivia online for free !!Quizpot is an all new
online multiplayer quiz app. The game having 4 play modes including : Single Player,
Random Opponent, 1 to 1 Battle and Group Match upto 4 players

Getting Started

Single Player

With Single Player game mode, you can test your skills by yourself as a guest or as a user by logging in. Play quiz from every category you are in interest. Once you get confident to play with others you are ready to play.

1 to 1 Battle

1 to 1 Battle is the best game for friendly match. You can invite your friend to beat you up on a particular category of quiz if you are good at. Invite through an invitation link that can be shared to any messenger app or through text message. Once your friend click on that game invitation link, the game will begin

Random Opponent

Random Opponent game mode, you can play with an opponent randomly chosen by the system. Beat them down by chosing correct answers. The High scorer will be announced as winner.

Group Match

Best Group match game mode to find the Knowledge master from your friends. This game mode allows you to play with your friends upto 4 players. Sent the group match invitation code to your friends and when they clicks the link the game will start automatically

Guest User

Play and practice as a guest user

Registered User

Play as a registered player, submit your score to global scorecard.

Organized Questions

Practice and test your skills with wery well organized questions.

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